Dreaded Yellow Page

A planet like object orbits a sunlike object spinning on its axis. No one yet knows what kind of world it is. No one knows what sort of life lives on this world. It is thought that if life exists at all on this world, it is probably microbe like.

The sunlike object seems to give it warmth and light, but thus far there doesn't seem to be any other sunlike objects in this yellow universe. So whatever lives in this universe might be all alone in it. The sunlike object has a surface temperature of 5000 C similar to stars in our universe, and is at a distance of 2 kilometers from the planet body. It has a spectral type, but its spectral type is hard to classify, because its signature is unlike any kind of signature that has thus far been seen in any object in our universe. But if the spectral type has any analog to spectral analysis in our universe, it would seem to indicate that the starlike object is made of large concentrations of beryllium and cadmium and has characteristics similar to that of a road flare.

The planet like object seems to have metallic properties being made of mostly cadmium, cobalt, and aluminum. And there does seem to be some evidence of something like fungal growth on the surface.